Where ideas are transformed into cutomised works of furniture.

We love wood for its warmth, its natural beauty, its versatility.

We love to select wood carefully and work it according to the classical traditional methods to transform your ideas into “customised” fine furnishings.

Thanks to the experience handed down from father to son, we are professional carpenters ready to respond quickly to the growing innovative requests of customers and designers. In Atelier Tonini nothing is left to chance. The raw materials used are characterized by quality, luxury and originality, distinguishing features and finishes that add personality and style to your doors, wardrobes and wall panels. We weave our manual skills in woodworking creativity, looking into the details and efficiency of modern technology, to create unique and rich of natural charm solutions, that embellish your residential, commercial and business environments of any size and style.
The value of each creation by Atelier Tonini is reevaluated over time, giving your spaces refinement and perfect harmony to live, have fun and work.